Island Hopping

Private boat to Balicasag | Dolphin watching, snorkeling in Balicasag and Virgin island

What does the Balicasag Island hopping include and not include?

It includes in the Balicasag Island Hopping:

It's not included in the Balicasag Island Hopping:

Balicasag Island Hopping itinerary

20 Min

Dolphin watching

Dolphins rise early in the morning to surface. We have high chances of seeing hundreds of them.

15 Min

Virgin Island

Stop on Virgin Island, a tongue of white sand on the road from Panglao to Balicasag.

20 Min

Snorkel in Balicasag

Snorkel with local guide watching the Fish Sanctuary of Balicasag Island.

15 Min

Snorkeling with turtles

Island hopping to Balicasag, snorkel with local guide watching the Turtle Sanctuary of Balicasag Island.

Free time, maximum 8 hours in total

Do you want more?

Free time of the Balicasag Island Hopping if you want to walk, fly your drone,  eat lunch in Balicasag, or if you have your own snorkeling equipment and want to take advantage of the return to snorkel in the Panglao reef.

Private Balicasag Island Hopping price

20% discount Post-Covid reopening


  • One person: (6626) 5521 philippine pesos
  • 2 pax: (4095) 3412 philippine pesos/ person
  • 3 pax: (3251) 2709 philippine pesos/ person
  • 4 pax: (2829) 2357 philippine pesos/ person
  • 5 pax: (2778) 2315 philippine pesos/ person
  • 6 pax: (2576) 2146 philippine pesos/ person
  • 7 pax: (2431) 2026 philippine pesos/ person
  • 8 pax: (2448) 2041 philippine pesos/ person
  • 9 pax: (2346) 1954 philippine pesos/ person
  • 10 pax: (2272) 1893 philippine pesos/ person
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