Bohol Countryside Tour Itinerary:

15 Min

Baclayon church

Bohol coutryside tour starts with a visit to the famous Spanish-built church of Baclayon.

15 Min


Visit the largest captive python in the Philippines (Entrance 50 pesos per person)

30 Min

butterfly sanctuary

Learn more about these colorful insects that flutter in the Philippines (50 pesos per person)

1,5 H

Loboc river

Tourist boat ride with buffet included on the Loboc River (850 pesos per person)

15 Min

Man-made Forest

On the way to the chocolate hills we will stop at this photographic mahogany forest planted by Filipinos more than 50 years ago.

20 Min


Entrance to the tarsier zoo where you can see the smallest monkey in the world (100 pesos per person)

45 Min

Chocolate Hills

Stair climb to the chocolate hills tourist viewpoint (100 pesos per person)

30 Min

Souvenirs gift

Take advantage of your tourist visit to Bohol to buy some product related to the island in the Aproniana store.


Optional activities

Bohol countryside tour extras:
– ATV  30 minutes: 600 pesos per person
– ATV  1 hour: 1000 pesos per person
– Buggy (2 seats): 2000 pesos per buggy
– Ziplinne: 500 pesos per person
– Mirror of the world: 170 pesos per person

Bohol Countryside Tour price

20% discount Post-Covid reopening
  • Car (1 to 4 pax): (4650) 3700 pesos
  • Van (1 to 12 pax): (6000) 5000 pesos
    The price includes the private vehicle, driver and fuel. The activities are paid separately in their respective destinations.


Pick up/drop off at any point in Panglao or Tagbilaran.


Private vehicle with driver. Fuel included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long is the Bohol countryside tour?

Bohol Coutryside tour have a duration of 8 hours.
We pick you up at your accommodation at 9:00 AM and return aroud 5:00PM.

Can I add activities to the Bohol Countryside tour?

Yes, as long as that activity is reflected in the optional activities that you can see above.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, most activities have a ticket payment, the price of the Bohol Countryside tour only covers the vehicle, driver and fuel.

Is there a discount for children?

In each activity they have their own discount policy for children, generally it is usually free for children under 2 years old.

Where does the Bohol countryside tour start and end?

The vehicle leaves Alona Beach, we pick up on the island of Panglao and Tagbilaran. If the pick-up is outside this area, let us know so we can make the necessary modifications before booking the tour.
We can leave you if you change accommodation in Loboc, Tagbilaran or Panglao. The luggage would travel safely with you in the car.

What clothes do I wear on the Bohol countryside tour?

Comfortable walking shoes.
Sun cream and a raincoat is never too much in the Philippines.

I don't eat everything. Do you have a menu for me?

No, the food is buffet style on the ship and there is no option to order a la carte.

Can children or seniors do the Bohol Countryside tour?

Yes, our activities are simple, do not require great efforts and are appropriate for all ages.

I want to join a group to make it cheaper. Are you in charge of making groups?

Each group has their private vehicle for them.
We don’t do the groups, you are the ones who know better than anyone with whom you want to enjoy the day.
Our tours are private for your group and we never join another group in the same vehicle and with the same guide.


How do I book the Bohol coutryside tour?

Click on the “Pre-booking” button, fill in the form fields with your name, number of people, exact date on which you want to do the tour and we will contact you to confirm the agenda and payment.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.


I don't have PayPal to make the reservation. What can I do?

PayPal is the largest online payment company in the world, opening a PayPal account is an easy and safe process.
If you do not want to make a PayPal account, you can ask another person who has an account to make the deposit. Let us know so that this income is for you.

Can I change the number of people or the date once the reservation is made?

Please inform us as fast as you know of the changes to be able to adjust the tour.
We do not accept changes in the last 48 hours unless they are due to a major cause.

How to book the Bohol tour:
Bohol countyside tour

Fill in the contact form
We will answer you with an email where we will confirm availability with a PayPal link for the tour payment
Once payment is made for the chosen tour, please reply to our email for verification
We will send you an email with the confirmation. Done!!!

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