I have something to tell you about the excursions in Bohol and I know you won’t like it very much. But believe me, you need to know:


I know it’s a pretty blunt statement, but let me explain.
Surely you’ve heard about what to visit in a Bohol tour: The tarsier, the chocolate hills, etc., and we totally agree, but the way the tours are done, for many people is not satisfactory.

While it is true that what you see on a Bohol tour is beautiful, what really makes a difference is to enjoy the day without discomfort, tourist operator rush, crowds and visits to animal cages.

Fortunately here you have the perfect balance formula to enjoy Bohol without tourists, with local people, visiting more places and feeling the daily life of Bohol.

Our Bohol tour allows us to give the best visual, sensory and human experience.

Are any of these situations familiar to you?

We have created the most amazing tour in Bohol

Years, that’s what we took to create this Bohol tour.
We was traveled around Bohol countless times trying to look for an experience that does not leave anyone indifferent.
We have discarded several places for long distances, because they have become very touristy or because they have no greater interest than filling a few hours and we have defined the perfect route.
Yes, we have not left anything to chance, our tour is longer than the others and goes further than any other.
Besides we not only show you the best, as we want you have the more clse experience, we also introduce you to our families, we want you to see firsthand what the life of boholanos in the rural environment.
You will eat our delicious fresh food in our house while you see the work in the rice plantation, the water buffalo, the rice paddy birds. Our daily life where you will believe that you have moved a few decades ago …
You walk on trails that take you to the best views of Bohol, you will swim in a waterfall.
You will sail on an enchanted river at night under the stars. Alone, feeling, living, enjoying Bohol.

Bohol Nature Tour
Bohol tour itinerary

30 Min


Start the Bohol tour with a guided tour to the Bohol’s largest market. Possibility to buy souvenirs at the best price

30 Min

Tarsier Sanctuary

Watch the tarsier in the middle of nature and learn more of him in a tarsier Sanctuary

40 Min

Man Made Forest

Feel the effects of the mahogany forest planted by the boholanos decades ago

15 Min

Fresh coconut juice Stop

We stop in Bilar and we drink and eat a fresh coconut, nature energy for our next adventure!

20 Min

Nature Park

Meet a tropical forest where you will see owls, eagles, monkeys, Philippine lemurs…

20 Min

Filipino Lunch

Delicious typical Filipino food with our family at home surrounded by our 360 rice field

30 Min


Have a coffee and rest, or if you prefer, learn how to plant rice. After relax, we will go to the chocolate hills between rice fields

15 Min

Chocolate Hill Views

Landscape from a chocolate hill, no people, no rush, breathe and feel Bohol

20 Min


Only local people and us. Enjoy a swim in this beautiful waterfall

30 Min

Secret Spot

A fun activity with pure Filipino style

40 Min


Firefly Watching

Relaxing night sailing in a typical Philippine boat watching the fireflies of the mangroves



We are so convinced of the quality of our Bohol tour that if you don’t surprise any of our activities, we will refund your money. Guaranteed

Bohol Nature Tour price

20% discount covid Offer!!!

  • One person: (9000) 7200 philippine pesos
  • 2 persons: (4995) 3995 philippine pesos/ person
  • 3 or more persons: (4180) 3350 philippine pesos/ person
  • One person: (12435) 9950 philippine pesos
  • 2 person: (6745) 5395 philippine pesos/ person
  • 3 or more persons: (5940) 4750 philippine pesos/ person


Pick up / drop off anywhere in Panglao, Tagbilaran, seaport or airport.


Private vehicle with driver. All travel expenses included.

Tourist guide

Expert local guide. Funny, attentive, communicative and charming.


We have all the legal permits to operate. Accident insurance included

All inclusive

There are no additional payments. The cost of all the activities described are included.

Do you have any questions?


Bohol Nature Tour is a very complete eco tour. Its duration is approximately 14 hours with the activity of the fireflies or 10 hours without fireflies.
We pick you up at your accommodation at 8:00 AM and return between 9:00 or 10:00 PM or about 6:00 PM if you did not want to see the fireflies.

Bohol Nature Tour is a very complete tour, but if you want to do some extra activity like the zip line, that payment is not included in our tour. Depending on the additional activity, we may have to eliminate another activity from our tour to adjust the tour.


No, the payment covers all the activities described on this website.


The vehicle leaves Alona Beach, we pick up on the island of Panglao and Tagbilaran. If the pick-up is outside this area, let us know so we can make the necessary modifications before booking the tour.
We can leave you if you change accommodation in Loboc, Tagbilaran or Panglao. The luggage would travel safely with you in the car.

Each group has their guide and their private vehicle for them.
We don’t do the groups, you are the ones who know better than anyone with whom you want to enjoy the day.
Our tours are private for your group and we never join another group in the same vehicle and with the same guide.

Si viajas solo es posible que el tour te parezca caro, esto es así porque los gastos del tour son prácticamente los mismos para una o 2 personas. Intenta hacer el tour con alguna persona que hayas conocido en tu viaje y hayáis congeniado bien.

Comfortable walking shoes, cool clothes, swimsuit and flip flops if you want to swim in the waterfall or in the river.
Sun cream and a raincoat is never too much in the Philippines.

Yes. Please, tell us what foods you do not want and we will prepare a menu to your liking that you surely love. We have done it many times and we have super rich alternatives!

Yes, our activities are simple, do not require great efforts and are appropriate for all ages.

Yes, children under 6 years have a 50% discount.

Click on the “Pre-booking” button, fill in the form fields with your name, number of people, exact date on which you want to do the tour and we will contact you to confirm the agenda and payment.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.

PayPal is the largest online payment company in the world, opening a PayPal account is an easy and safe process.
If you do not want to make a PayPal account, you can ask another person who has an account to make the deposit. Let us know so that this income is for you.

Please inform us as fast as you know of the changes to be able to adjust the tour.
We do not accept changes in the last 24 hours unless they are due to a major cause.
If there is a health problem, we will refund the tour payment with the delivery of a medical receipt.

Bohol Nature Tour is an online company, we don’t have a physical office.
We only make reservations through this website.

How to book the Bohol tour:
Bohol Nature tour

Click on the pre-booking button and fill in the contact form
We will answer you with an email where we will confirm availability with a PayPal link for the tour payment
Once payment is made for the chosen tour, please reply to our email for verification
We will send you an email with the confirmation. Done!!!

The adventure

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