Philippines Travel Consultation

Make your trip to the Philippines a unique experience!

Personalized advice via call or video call for a trip tailored to you.

Planning a trip to the Philippines can be complicated. With the language barrier, the variety of destinations across many islands, and travel logistics where transportation plays a vital role in the duration of the trip, you can encounter unexpected problems, wasting time and money.
Don’t travel blindly! Create your customized travel itinerary to the Philippines with a destination expert. I will guide you step by step, adapting the experience to your preferences and needs.
Experience the Philippines your way!”

Our Philippines Travel Advisory Service

Plan Your Itinerary

As a local expert in the Philippines, I will help you plan your route, considering your interests and available time.

Accommodation Advice

I will advise you on where to stay according to your preferences and budget, from boutique hotels to beach resorts.


Transportation Recommendations

I will indicate the quickest way and schedules for any transfer during your trip, including how to look for international flights.

Off-the-Beaten-Track Attractions

I will show you unique and lesser-known destinations to make your trip a truly unique experience.

Authentic Experiences

I suggest activities and experiences that will connect you with the local culture and people.

Local Tips

From etiquette rules to how to get around, my tips will make you feel like a true Filipino.

The difference between a full custom trip and a phone advisory is in the degree of customization and the level of service. In a custom trip, all aspects of your trip are preplanned and booked by the agency. With our phone advisory, you get recommendations and tips to plan and book your trip on your own, which gives you more flexibility and control.

Duration: 1 Hour

Platform: WhatsApp

Price: 4997 Php

This is how the Philippines travel advisory service works

1 Book the call time

2 Make the payment via PayPal

3 Meet Mae


One hour of conference, 4 hours of preparation of the documentation to be delivered.

5 hours in total from the call to the completion of the service.

Via call or video call using WhatsApp or your favorite application.

Lourdy Marie “Mae” Lacunza. Co-founder of BNT Travel and Tours and expert in trips to the Philippines.

According to your preferences and needs.ncias y necesidades.

What type of accommodation is recommended? From boutique hotels to beach resorts. You indicate your level of comfort and budget and we give you the best options at each destination.

Yes, according to your tastes.

Yes, we want your trip to be a unique experience.

Depending on your interests, they can be cultural, adventure, gastronomic, among others.

Yes, to make you feel like a true Filipino.

Yes, it offers more flexibility and control over your trip.

No, the consultation provides recommendations to save you time and money so that you can make the reservations.

The price for an hour of call is 4997Php. The price includes subsequent work of about 4 hours to create a document with all the details discussed in the call.

Once the reservation is made in my online schedule, I will send you a confirmation email with a link to PayPal to make the payment.

No, our service is designed for both novice and experienced travelers.