Tour in Bohol:
Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, Life, and Nature

Bohol Nature Tour

Unique Excursion on the Island of Bohol

Should I tell you something? No, you didn’t come to Bohol just to be another face in the crowd.

Think about it.

You got on that plane, traveling halfway around the world, and for what? No, it wasn’t to follow the herd.

You were looking for something… something big, something that would make you feel alive, something that, upon returning, upon telling, would make everyone say:

“Wow, that’s really living!”

But wait, what do you find here?

A sea of tourists, all doing the same thing.

Walking down the same paths, taking… yes, exactly, the same bland photos on the same Chocolate Hill.

And there you find yourself, on a tour that feels more like a marathon to quickly finish checking off a list of tourist traps than a day of discoveries.

They sold you a postcard, pretty, sure, but they stole the experience, the one you hoped to keep in your heart and not just on your phone.

Each stop, you know what it is? A mockery of what a true excursion in Bohol should be.

And it’s not fair.

It’s not fair to you, who came looking for magic and find yourself in a factory of serial tourism.

And it’s definitely not fair to Bohol, which has so much more to offer than those chewed-up and spit-out routes for the average tourist.

But, do you know the worst part of all this?

It’s not just about losing money, which also hurts, of course. It’s about losing time, energy, and, above all, the chance to experience something truly special.

Those moments you hoped to carry with you forever are dissolving in a sea of sameness and mediocrity.

So, are you going to settle for that?

Are you going to let your experience in Bohol be just another check on the list of places seen but not lived?

Or are you going to demand more, not only for yourself but for every trip you decide to take from here on out?

Because, let’s be clear, traveling is not just moving from A to B. Traveling is about discovering, connecting, returning home a bit different, carrying something with you that can’t be bought: an authentic experience.

This is not just a disappointment, it’s a red alert.

Think about it. Every time you accept a generic tour, every time you get on the bandwagon of massification, you’re sending a message.

A message that says:

“It’s okay, treat me like just another one in the crowd.”

And that message is heard loud and clear not only by the tour operators but by every industry that profits from selling you mediocrity packaged as something exceptional.

The Real Cost of Generic

It’s not just about not getting what you paid for. It’s that every mediocre experience steals something much more valuable:

Your capacity for wonder.

With every massified tour, with every journey that follows the same worn-out script, your sense of wonder wears down a bit more.

You become cynical, you start to think that maybe there’s nothing new under the sun, that all places are interchangeable.

The Flame of Adventure is Dimming

Every time you return from a trip feeling less excited than when you left, that inner flame that pushes you to explore, to discover, to live, dims a bit.

Not because there isn’t magic in the world, but because you’ve been sold a cheap imitation of it.

So here’s the critical question:

Are you going to keep buying tickets for a show you already know is fake?

Are you going to keep letting them sell you the same diluted experience over and over again?


Discover Bohol Like No One Else with Bohol Nature Tour

It’s time to change the rules, to say goodbye to the beaten paths and cloned experiences. Bohol Nature Tours offers you the opportunity to rediscover Bohol, but in a way that respects both your adventure desires and the authenticity of the place.

A Unique and Personalized Experience

We don’t do tours, we create experiences. Your journey should be a work of art designed exclusively for you.

Forget the crowds; this excursion is private for you, with a local guide, exploring hidden corners and connecting with the local culture in a way you never imagined possible.

Real Connection with Local Culture

We take you behind the scenes to meet the real stars of Bohol: its people.

Share a meal with a local family, learn from the artisans, and feel like one more resident, not a tourist.

This is your chance to live Bohol, not just to see it.

Respect for Nature and Wildlife

We take the preservation of Bohol’s wonderful landscapes and unique wildlife seriously.

You will enjoy the natural beauty without contributing to its deterioration.

Flexible Options and Guaranteed Fun

Want more adventure? Add activities like zip-lining or quad biking through the Chocolate Hills.

Prefer something calmer? We can adjust the itinerary to include more relaxation and contemplation time. You decide, you are the designer of your own adventure.

Commitment to Excellence

It’s not just about offering you a different tour; it’s about ensuring that your experience is unforgettable and transformative.

Our team of expert and passionate guides is committed to making your visit to Bohol something you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Tour in Bohol, a Unique Experience

It's not just a longer journey; it's a trip where every step matters. Here, we don’t just show you natural landscapes, we invite you to live within them. You'll share meals with our families, walk along paths only we know, and end the day feeling that you belong here, that Bohol is also a bit yours.

Itinerary for the Bohol Nature Tour: Excursion to the Chocolate Hills and More

Here’s an overview of our Bohol Nature Tour.

30 min

Visit to the Market

Experience the largest market in Bohol. This authentic experience will allow you to discover local products and the daily life of the residents of Bohol.

30 min

Tarsier Sanctuary

A visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella offers a unique opportunity to observe one of the world’s smallest and most adorable primates in their natural habitat.

Zip- Line (OPTIONAL)

If you're looking for a bit of adrenaline on your Bohol excursion day, you have the option to stop at the Loboc zip line. A high-speed round-trip journey over 200 meters high that offers unique views of the Loboc river course.

40 min

Man Made Forest

We will pass through an oasis of tranquility surrounded by mahogany trees in this majestic forest planted over 50 years ago.

15 min

Refreshing Stop

Enjoy a refreshing tropical break on the Bohol tour with a delicious and healthy sip of freshly harvested coconut water.

20 min

Natural Park

Delve into the jungle of Bohol by exploring an impressive natural park, home to a lush tropical forest and various endemic species of fauna and flora that you will get to know with a light stroll.

20 min

Local Food Tasting

Savor a delicious menu prepared by our family for you. You’ll learn about life in rural settings while enjoying food in a picturesque dining room surrounded by rice paddies.


30 min

Enjoy the Moment

Take your time after meal in a calm setting, rest having a coffee, learn how traditional rice is planted, breathe fresh air.

20 min

Chocolate Hills

You can’t leave Bohol without seeing the unique landscape of the Chocolate Hills. You’ll climb one of them that tourists don’t reach, where you’ll have the best views just for you.

ATV route among the Chocolate Hills - OPTIONAL

No tour of Bohol is complete without visiting the iconic Chocolate Hills. One of the activities that can be done is visiting the Chocolate Hills with the rental of all-terrain vehicles, which offers spectacular views that are only available to a few. This is a quad ride around the base of the Chocolate Hills for one hour. It is not included in the price but can be added to the itinerary of this one-day tour in Bohol.
Bohol Falls

20 min


We will venture through back roads to reach a peaceful waterfall where you can swim, jump, and cool off from this intense tour getting to know the best of Bohol.

Night Navigation with Fireflies - OPTIONAL

You can extend this complete tour around Bohol; we offer you the option of navigating the Loboc River on a private boat at dusk, where you will see its mangroves illuminated by thousands of fireflies.



Our goal is for you to have a memorable day, which is why this schedule is only indicative and we can extend or reduce the time at each destination according to your preferences. There’s no rush; it’s a private tour in Bohol just for you.

  • 8:30AM – Pickup at your accommodation
  • 9:00AM – Visit to Tagbilaran market
  • 10:15AM – Meeting the tarsier in Corella
  • 11:00AM – Stop at the Man-Made Forest
  • 11:20AM – Snack break
  • 12:00PM – Stroll through the natural park
  • 1:30PM – Lunch and downtime among the rice paddies
  • 3:15PM – Chocolate Hills
  • 4:15PM – Waterfall
  • 5:30PM – Return to accommodation


This itinerary may vary according to the tour guide’s safety criteria if any of the destinations cannot be accessed due to force majeure.

The tour guide will do everything possible to take you to another alternative destination following the essence of this unique tour in Bohol.


20% discount for direct bookings

Bohol Nature Tour. Bohol Tour without fireflies (9 hours)
  • One person: (12950) 10359 Philippine pesos
  • 2 people: (8379) 6703 Philippine pesos per person
  • 3 people: (6855) 5484 Philippine pesos per person
  • 4 or more people: (6600) 5281 Philippine pesos per person

Bohol Nature Tour. Bohol Tour with fireflies (12 hours)
  • One person: (19572) 15656 Philippine pesos
  • 2 people: (11649) 9320 Philippine pesos per person
  • 3 people: (9009) 7205 Philippine pesos per person
  • 4 or more people: (8196) 6556 Philippine pesos per person

Children under 6 years old: 50% discount

Requirements for the Tour

What You Will Need

We want you to be adequately prepared for your adventure in Bohol, so we suggest some essential items to bring with you. Remember, this is not an ordinary tour, it is an authentic and unique experience in which you will immerse yourself in the true culture and nature of Bohol. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Travel Insurance: For safety, it is mandatory to have travel insurance. If you do not have it, we can provide one. Because we care about your safety as much as the quality of your experience.
  • Sun Protection: The weather in the Philippines is very variable, so we recommend bringing biodegradable sunscreen, shirts that protect against UVA and UVB rays, a cap, sunglasses, and a raincoat.
  • Comfortable Clothing and Footwear: You will be exploring, walking, and possibly climbing, so comfortable footwear is essential. Also remember to bring light and comfortable clothing.
  • Swimsuit and Change of Clothes: In case you want to cool off in the waterfalls, we recommend bringing a swimsuit and a change of clothes.
  • Raincoat: Given that the weather in the Philippines can be variable, we suggest bringing a raincoat. You never know when a tropical rain might come.
  • Camera: Definitely, you won’t want to forget your camera! We promise that the landscapes, wildlife, and experiences you will live are worth capturing and remembering.


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We don't say it, travel experts tell you

The Bohol Nature Tour was truly exceptional. The tour guide was so kind, thoughtful and really gave us a window into the life of the people of Bohol. She was great with our two daughters and she kept them interested for the whole day. The lunch with her family was a very special moment. It was a long day but every moment of it was fun and well spent.



We could not recommend Bohol Nature Tours enough! It was the highlight of our trip to Panglao/Bohol. Aida was a brilliant guide as well as our driver Rey. Being able to experience the market, the tarsier and macaque sanctuary, also climbing up a chocolate hill that we had all to ourselves was just incredible. We truly enjoyed the lunch meal at the local farm. Thanks again Aida and bohol nature tours for an unforgettable trip 🙂



We did a tour with them in Bohol. Tour is different from what other companies offers. You really feel the nature and the way of living of Filipines. Food was amazing, we saw all the important stops of Bohol (chocolate hills, man made forest, we fed the monkeys, trasiers, etc). Tour guide, Ninfa, and our driver, Lolo, were amazing with us, always taking care of making our tour unforgettable. Really recommend this tour if yu want something different



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