Private Balicasag Island Snorkeling Tour
An Unforgettable Underwater Adventure

Private boat to Balicasag with tour guide

Dolphin watching, Virgin Island, 2 spots Balicasag snorkeling and unlimited snorkel in Panglao

Island tour of Balicasag with dolphin watching, 2 snorkeling points in its Marine Sanctuary, and a visit to Virgin Island.

Embark on a private Balicasag Island Tour, the perfect trip for travelers seeking a day full of marine discoveries and breathtaking natural beauty. This tour provides an unparalleled opportunity for snorkeling in Balicasag Island’s marine sanctuary, witnessing playful dolphins in their natural habitat, and experiencing the pristine white sandbar of Virgin Island. So why wait? BOOK NOW and immerse yourself in the best coral reef in Bohol.

Dolphin Watching – The Start of Your Bohol Balicasag Island Tour

Your day begins early in the morning with a pick-up from your accommodation and a ride to your private boat. The first activity of the day is dolphin watching. As these playful creatures love to surface in the morning, your expert captain will be on the lookout, enhancing your chances of witnessing these magnificent mammals in action.

Visit the Sandbar of Virgin Island – A Piece of Paradise

After the exhilarating dolphin watching experience, your Balicasag Island tour continues to Virgin Island. Famous for its stunning white sandbar emerging from the turquoise waters, this island offers a tranquil experience. Take a stroll on the soft sand and marvel at the beauty of this unique place.

Snorkeling Balicasag Island – Explore a Marine Sanctuary

The highlight of your tour is undoubtedly the snorkeling Balicasag Island experience. As you reach Balicasag, prepare to be awestruck by the crystal-clear waters and the vibrant marine life that dwells beneath. This tour includes two snorkeling points, offering you ample time to swim with sea turtles, explore colorful corals, and discover the island’s tropical fish sanctuary.

Snorkel at another snorkeling spot, outside the Balicasag Sanctuary

Depending on sea and tide conditions, the boat captain will suggest the best place for unlimited snorkeling.

Itinerary of Balicasag tour:
Snorkeling in Balicasag


30 min

Dolphin Watching

In the early hours of the morning, dolphins surface and it’s the ideal moment to have the opportunity to see them jump and enjoy their free life in the sea.

20 min

Virgin Island Sandbar

Stop at Virgin Island, a white sandbar that emerges from the sea when the tide is low, and thousands of starfish live on its shores. Virgin Island is located on the way from Panglao to Balicasag.

20 min

Balicasag: Fish Sanctuary

You will take a rowboat, and the guide will take you to the first snorkeling point in Balicasag, where you will see a myriad of tropical fish enjoying their beautiful reef.

20 min

Turtle Watching in Balicasag

Your local guide will take you to the area where he has located the most turtles that day, and you will be able to see several of them, some of which are nearly 100 years old and enormous in size.

Max 120 min

Panglao: Secret snorkel spot

Extension of morning enjoyment practicing unlimited snorkeling in the best possible place, away from the masses



This is the standard schedule for the tour, but we can adapt to a schedule that suits you better.

If you want to start the Balicasag tour later in the day, please note that the chances of seeing dolphins are very low, but the rest of the itinerary remains the same.

The exact timing of the day cannot be guaranteed and depends on various factors such as sea conditions, tides, and the number of people visiting Balicasag that day. However, this approximate schedule can serve as a reference:

  • 6:00AM – Pick up at your accommodation
  • 6:30AM – Boat departure
  • 7:00AM – Dolphin watching
  • 7:45AM – Visit to Virgin Island
  • 8:45AM – Arrival at Balicasag Island
  • 9:15AM – Departure to Balicasag snorkeling points
  • 10:00AM – Departure from Balicasag to a Panglao snorkel spot
  • 12:30AM – Arrival in Panglao

The itinerary may vary based on the captain’s safety criteria, the tidal coefficient, the number of tourists in Balicasag, or if any of the destinations cannot be accessed due to poor navigation conditions.

Balicasag Island Tour Package Pricing and Availability

20% discount for Direct Booking

Our competitive Balicasag Island tour rate is priced per person. Remember, children under six years old receive a 50% discount!

  • One person: (9950) 7962 philippine pesos
  • 2 pax: (5890) 4712 philippine pesos/ person
  • 3 pax: (4536) 3630 philippine pesos/ person
  • 4 pax: (3860) 3087 philippine pesos/ person
  • 5 pax: (3656) 2925 philippine pesos/ person
  • 6 pax: (3351) 2681 philippine pesos/ person
  • 7 pax: (3133) 2507 philippine pesos/ person
  • 8 pax or more: (2970) 2376 philippine pesos/ person

Requirements for the Tour

What You Will Need

We want you to be adequately prepared for your adventure in Bohol, so we suggest some essential items to bring with you. Remember, this is not an ordinary tour, it is an authentic and unique experience in which you will immerse yourself in the true culture and nature of Bohol. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Travel Insurance: For safety, it is mandatory to have travel insurance. If you do not have it, we can provide one. Because we care about your safety as much as the quality of your experience.
  • Sun Protection: The weather in the Philippines is very variable, so we recommend bringing biodegradable sunscreen, shirts that protect against UVA and UVB rays, a cap, sunglasses, and a raincoat.
  • Swimsuit and Change of Clothes: It’s s wet day.
  • Raincoat: Given that the weather in the Philippines can be variable, we suggest bringing a raincoat. You never know when a tropical rain might come.
  • Camera: Definitely, you won’t want to forget your camera! We promise that the landscapes, wildlife, and experiences you will live are worth capturing and remembering.


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How to book the Balicasag tour island hopping

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