Are you ok with a meh trip?


Is that all you deserve after spending a thousand hours devouring countless pages on Google searching for ‘the perfect trip’ only to end up more lost than a penguin in a desert?

Come on, that can’t be right. Don’t mess with me.

You don’t deserve a trip that, when you come back and they ask how it was, all you can muster is a ‘well, it was okay, normal’.


To hell with normal!

Why settle for the usual, for what everyone does, for what’s been chewed over and over in all the travel guides?

You need something that breaks the mold, something that when you tell about it, leaves everyone amazed and thinking: ‘Damn, where on earth is that?’. That’s what you deserve. Something that’s not in the guides, not in the brochures, something so epic that just talking about it is an adventure.

Dare to send the typical to hell. Break the mold! Because, in the end, what matters is having something to tell, and believe me, life is too short for boring trips.


Imagine this…

You wake up, not in a hotel room that could be anywhere in the world, but in a cottage that could only be on a Filipino island.

There’s no buffet with a line of bleary-eyed zombies waiting their turn, holding a plate tilted at 42 degrees (is there a study on this?), nor any all-inclusive wristbands. Here, breakfast is served by Gérôme, who tells you how he built those cottages using local materials.

Fishermen’s wives take you to a hidden spot among the mangroves where the only sounds are monkeys arguing in the treetops and the sound of the boat rowing.

No tourist traps.

This is real.

Your guide, Gerald, knows where the dolphins hide when they want to play.

He’s not a guide you can check out on Instagram or TripAdvisor to see what he catches.

He grew up in a remote village. He doesn’t know much about the internet.

But he knows the sea like you know the way to the fridge at midnight.

Then, you stop for lunch.

But not at a roadside restaurant for tourists, at Anne’s house, who cooks the best adobo you’ll ever taste. After the meal, she tells you the story of the ingredients she uses: a tale of farmers, spices, and secrets passed down from generation to generation.

Later, they take you down a trail that doesn’t appear on Google Maps. Around you, a pristine tropical forest, with scents you can’t describe and don’t need a selfie to remember.

Do you want to experience it like a local?

To feel, instead of just seeing?

Making it a reality is our hobby.

A trip that immerses you in a life that could have been yours… If you had been born on this archipelago that seems painted by the gods on one of their good days.


My wife was born here, and together we have created something that interests you, if you’ve read this far, let me tell you a bit about our life without boring you.

Our story begins thanks to people who travel poorly.

In the photo:
Iñigo, Mae, and the future heir to BNT Travel and Tours, Marco.

A Spaniard and a Filipina who, back in 2015, got tired of hearing tourists talk about feeling like cattle, and they, in turn, in an attempt to gain something, doing the only thing they could, haggled over tourist traps.

So we stubbornly set out to create something different on the beautiful island where we live, a tour that didn’t require following the herd.

An experience we call the Bohol Nature Tour.

A kick to the conventional, the alternative for those seeking more than just finding a spot in the crowd to take a photo or queue at the souvenir shop.

It worked solely through word of mouth, and we got carried away and started to create more excursions.

We also ventured into the digital world by purchasing the domain (BNT).

This website aims to connect with travelers who, like us, are looking for experiences that thrill.

Until 2020, before the world shut down tight, over 4,000 explorers experienced the magic with us. Each left their mark, and we left ours on them.

In 2022, someone in the Philippines decided it was time to open up again, and we were more eager than you can imagine to get back to doing what we love.

With years of experience and a network of allies who share the same philosophy, we decided to go further.

From Bohol to any corner of the Philippines worth visiting, we create tailor-made trips.

Trips that reflect your explorer dreams, designed for you to experience the authentic, the genuine.

This is who we are.

This is what we do.

And it starts by pressing the button: