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How long is a private tour in Philippines?

We know that travelers want to get the most out of each of their days doing tours in the Philippines.
We do tours without stress, but very complete, so they can be more than 8 hours.
This is the approximate duration of each tour, although we are always at your disposal to adjust to your preferences.
– Island hopping tours: 6 hours.
– Land tours: 8 hours, with optional activities, up to 12 hours

Can I add activities to the tours?

Our tours in the Philippines are well thought out to make the most of the day knowing the most significant of each tour in the most private way possible, but if you want to add any extra activity, let us know when making the reservation to organize your day as you wish.

Are there any additional fees in your tours in Philippines?

We always try to include all fees in our price to avoid the annoying exercise of paying all day. In the Philippines there are fees for almost everything, most of it is already included in the price, if it is not possible to include it or it is an optional activity, we will duly inform you so that you do not get any surprises.

Is there a discount for children?

We do everything possible so that children under 6 years of age have a 50% discount, but there are places where this option is not contemplated. When making the reservation, inform us if there are children under 6 years of age and we will give you the most adjusted price possible.

Where does the private tours in Philippines start and end?

We pick you up and return you at the end of the tour where you want if that journey does not involve another extra vehicle and the distance is reasonable.
For example, we can pick you up at the port and leave you at your accommodation at the end of the tour. We adapt to your needs, just inform us when making the reservation to have everything perfectly prepared.

What clothes do I wear on the tours in Philippines?

Comfortable walking shoes, cool clothes, swimsuit and flip flops if you want to swim.
Sun cream and a raincoat is never too much in the Philippines.

I don't eat everything. Do you have a menu for me?

Yes, the places where we stop for lunch have a menu that is sure to meet your needs, tell us about your preferences when booking the tour and we will prepare a menu that you are satisfied with.

Can children or seniors do the tours in Philippines?

Yes, our activities are simple, do not require great efforts and are appropriate for all ages.

I want to join a group to make it cheaper. Are you in charge of making groups?

Each group has their guide and their private vehicle for them.
We don’t do the groups, you are the ones who know better than anyone with whom you want to enjoy the day.
Our tours are private for your group and we never join another group in the same vehicle and with the same guide.


How do I book the tour?

Fill the form fields with your name, number of people, exact date on which you want to do the tour and we will contact you to confirm the agenda and payment.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.

The reservation payment is the full amount of the tour and is made with a deposit by PayPal. We do not accept another type of transfer.


I don't have PayPal to make the reservation. What can I do?

PayPal is the largest online payment company in the world, opening a PayPal account is an easy and safe process.
If you do not want to make a PayPal account, you can ask another person who has an account to make the deposit. Let us know so that this income is for you.

Can I change the number of people or the date once the reservation is made?

Please inform us as fast as you know of the changes to be able to adjust the tour.
We do not accept changes in the last 24 hours unless they are due to a major cause.
If there is a health problem, we will refund the tour payment with the delivery of a medical receipt.